Frequently Asked Questions

Admission requirements include:

  1. Believing faith in Christ
  2. High school diploma or equivalent
  3. Students must be 18 years of age by the start of GAP.
  4. Involvement in a church family for at least six months..
  5. Insured, reliable vehicle for everyday transportation. You and/or your parents must be in a position to deal with any mechanical issues promptly so program participation is not hindered.
  6. Funds to cover personal living and travel expenses of at least $300 per month.
  7. Medical insurance
  8. A positive attitude that is willing to learn, be challenged, and submit to authority.
  9. A commitment to participate in 100% of the GAP activities.
  10. Mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual hunger to commit to the GAP life-leadership
  11. training standards (fitness, reading assignments, and punctuality).
  12. Refrain periodically from dating during the 9-month GAP timeframe.
  13. Refrain periodically from the internet, social media, and video games.

What does the admissions process look like?

Applications will be considered in the order in which they are received. We value quality over quantity, and as such, at this point in the program’s development, there are a limited number of slots available. Follow the steps below to begin your journey toward acceptance in Denton Bible’s GAP Life-Leadership Program:

Step 1: Complete the on-line application (allow at least 1 hour to complete). Once you submit the application, you will receive an email with instructions for step 2.

Step 2: Personal Interview- Allow 2 weeks for GAP staff to schedule a personal interview. Once the interview is completed, the Admissions Team will make a final decision regarding your status (acceptance/denial) into the program and communicate this information to you.

Once you are accepted, you will be asked to sign a Letter of Commitment. Additionally, you will be provided a list of action items that will need to be completed before your arrival.

How much does the program cost?

The tuition fee for the 9-month program is $3,500.

Additionally, students are required to have access to a minimum of $300 per month. This money can be earned through part-time work, or the funds can be provided by parents or supporters. Parents/supporters are encouraged to set up a personal account for the student that they are expected to manage. Some budgetary training will be covered in the context of the program, but funds management is a skill that is highly encouraged.

Students must also have a dependable, insured vehicle as well as health insurance. There may be some small clothing expenses that relate to the various outings, however, the monthly $300 should be enough to cover these expenses.

See also the question on “housing options.”

What are student housing options?

GAP offers three options for student housing:

  1. Gap Host Families
    • By application only once there is program acceptance
    • Students would be placed with Host Families based upon need and selection
    • Room and board would be covered by the Host Family
  2. Living at Home
    • The parent(s) of the student would agree to be part of the monthly Host Family meetings
    • The student would also have a CU Host Family Sponsor, and they would agree to meet once/week over a meal and once/month over a fun activity together
  3. Other Rental Housing
    • The student would have a Host Family Sponsor, and they would agree to meet once/week over a meal and once/month over a fun activity together
    • Room and board would be covered by the student
    • Arrangements made by student

Are students able to work in addition to their GAP responsibilities?

Students are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week. However, work can not interfere with program attendance and requirements. Students may use part-time employment to offset the $300 monthly requirement, however, if the student can not successfully balance work along with the rigorous program requirements, the student will be asked to step away from employment, but the requirement to have access to $300 in monthly funds remains in place.

Can I take college classes while a student in GAP?

Yes, students may take 1 class per semester as long as the class does not interfere with program attendance and requirements.

If my child gets accepted into college, will they be able to delay their acceptance?

Each college or university will have different policies as it pertains to delayed or deferred acceptance. It will be up to the students and parents to determine if their college or university of choice is willing to delay or defer acceptance or admittance. Generally, there are fewer universities that will allow a student to defer acceptance, which means that a GAP Year student will more than likely need to reapply to their college or university of choice DURING completion of the 9-month program.

This resource may be helpful, but not exhaustive:

What is the month long missions experience?

Students will live in community in the small town of La Misión, Mexico, about an hour south of San Diego. Each week will be packed with serving, group and personal devotions, field trips, cultural studies and of course, great tacos! Our main ministry partners are Door of Faith

Orphanage and the El Puente Conafe School, but you will visit and see how God is at work in several different types of ministries serving the local community.